Short Bio

An "emerging" middle aged artist, Sonja Jones enjoys approaching wildlife and nature painting from different perspectives.


Man is driven to create as an expression of his interactions with both the physical and spiritual world.  But ironically, man's creations often become barriers to the natural world and his spiritual well-being. As an artist, I strive to share my impressions of the natural world, but to also impart some of the spirituality I feel in connection to our natural physical environment, for they are both intertwined.  I feel that nature heals us, and brings us back to what is God made rather than man-made,  


Although she still considers herself to be an emerging artist, Sonja Jones has been involved in painting all her life, in one form or another.  She developed her sense of color and line work through decades working as a professional commercial and house painter, following in the steps of her parents.  Her skill and passion for faux painting techniques, signage, and murals was evident early on, and eventually led to her applying her talents to a "smaller" canvas after leaving the paint contracting business. She has earned a B.A. in economics from the Univeristy of Michigan, and an MBA from Oakland University.  And, although she has no formal arts education, she credits workshops with watercolorists Valerie Tollover and David Rankin for helping her to develop skills in that medium. As an emerging artist, she is in a stage where  she is now exploring and honing her skills with varied media; but a constant thread in her work has been the natural world and our connection to it.  Having lived throughout the Midwest in Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio, and now sharing her time between Ohio and Arizona, the artist frequently focuses on the flora and fauna of those places. 

Resume / CV

While the artist is mostly self-taught, she has had the pleasure and benefit of workshops with watercolorists David Rankin and Valerie Tolliver.

Her work has been displayed at the Fin, Fur & Feather Exhibit at the Valley Art Center, Chagrin Falls, OH, the Breckenridge Winter Art Show in Willoughby Hills, OH, and in the online galleries of Colors of Humanity and Bauhaus Prarie Gallery.

Awards include Honorable Mention - Watercolor, Boston Mills Artfest 2019; Honorable Mention - Watercolor Body of Work - Euclid Art Show, 2018

Additionally, her pieces are displayed by private collectors in Phoenix, AZ; Los Angeles, CA; Chicago, IL; Detroit, MI; Brooklyn, NY; Honolulu, HI; and throughout Northeastern Ohio

She is a member of the Euclid Art Association, the Highland Heights Art Society, and the Ann Arbor Guild of Artists & Artisans.

If you would like to see the artist's works in person, Sonja Jones will be showing at the following venues:
 June 26 - 28      Boston Mills Art Fest 2020 - Penisula, OH

 August 9            Chardon Square Arts Festival 2020 - Chardon,OH